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Zine (noun, pronounced zeen): a noncommercial, often homemade or online, publication usually devoted to specialized and often unconventional subject matter. - Merriam-Webster

I have loved reading and crafting zines for years! Read all about my love of zines here. And below are several from my collection of written zines:

How to
Be Wrong


My latest project - a collaboration with my childhood pal Jason - all about how to be less concerned with being right + opening yourself up to true connection and growth. Now available for sale through Microcosm Publishing and many places that you can buy zines (shop local at Lionstooth MKE!)



I swear.... I'm not Pollyanna - I know how life can get us all down. I was sad about it, so I wrote a zine about what has helped me to think and act more positively! 


Fundraising; I know it can be one of the scariest 11-letter words in the dictionary, but there aren't many better feelings than helping people connect their resources with causes that are near and dear to their hearts - and seeing the work through with them!



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